Our Vision

We see a future where everyone is educated and well informed to make smart investment decisions towards becoming financially independent and free.

Our Mission

The vision becomes reality when we engage with you to provide useful tools and content to level up your knowledge, confidence and experience.

Our Pitch

People have lost too much money betting and punting on the markets. Now you can build a virtual share market portfolio without the stress of the real world share market. This means you can test and practice your skills in a simulated environment before investing and trading in the real world.

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About FinTip

Learn. Play. Compete.

FinTip is designed for users to have fun and engage with the world of investing without the risk of losing too much.

Each week, for a $2.50 membership fee, you'll gain access to news and other investing content to help you on your journey.

As part of your membership, you'll also be in the running to select four ASX stocks and track your portfolio ($100,000 virtual money), learn more about the companies you've chosen and see what others are doing. 

The top 3 members with the best portfolio at the end of the week will receive a prize!

Why FinTip

Our Features

We have some awesome features designed to keep you entertained and coming back

Easy To Use

We have created a user friendly interface for an easy learning experience.

Updated Portfolio

As much as possible, we aim to provide near real-time data (20 min delay) for your trading portfolio so you can track your progress.


Regularly updated leaderboard for each week to see how you are tracking and view what others are doing.

Rewards for Winners

We offer the top 3 positions at the end of the week a prize for their investing and stock selection skills.

Always be learning

As a weekly member, you'll have access to news and educational content to support you on your investment journey.

ASX Market

Our competition uses real data from ASX listed stocks.

How To Use

How does it work?

Membership for $2.50 per week will give you access to news and education plus the option to create your portfolio and compete with others.

Before every Monday, select 4 ASX stocks with a dummy portfolio

Pay AUD 2.50 to enter the competition for that week (Mon-Fri) to contribute to the pool

Track your portfolio during the week and gain access to members only education and news content

See how you performed each week and aim to improve and learn from others

All Top ASX Stocks

How To Use

Easy Steps To Start

Simple 5 step process

Who We Are

The Brains Behind The Idea

The Dream Team


Founder & CEO

With over 20 years financial services and technology experience in the Australian market, I’m passionate about trading, investing and helping others learn about financial markets. Most importantly, I want to help people become educated and financially literate and independent.


Co-Founder & CTO

Over 12 years of full stack development, highly technical and loves getting into the weeds to solve complex problems. Super obsessed about building things and using software to bring solutions to life.


Frequently Asked Questions

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No. This is a simulated game and your $100,000 portfolio is virtual money only. There are no stock orders, trade or ownership involved.

We allow four stocks to provide for some diversification and avoid highly skewed results from concentrating stocks in only 1 or 2.

Good question! There's plenty of good reasons and perhaps you fall into one or more of the following:

  1. Restricted trading: Do you work in a law firm, consulting, financial services company and are limited in what you can hold and trade, but want the feeling of holding shares?
  2. You've lost too much money: Investing in real life can be risky business. Maybe you want to test your skills before throwing real money at the markets
  3. You're super competitive: you love the thrill of competing and proving your skills against others!
  4. Love of learning: sometimes to learn, you need skin in the game. That feeling of having a vested interest in something so you can track and monitor and learn everything you can about a topic.
  5. Pure interest: you just love the markets, investing and trading but don't always feel the need to log into your broking account to execute a real trade

Your membership is a week-by-week option for you using Google or Apple subscription features. You will gain access to news, investing education material and the ability to enter the competition to create your portfolio and win a prize.

The winners each will will be contacted via email and funds transfer to your bank account will be organised.

Initially only ASX stocks will be available. We plan to build out the competition into other markets (e.g. NYSE, Nasdaq, FTSE) as well as crypto.

Also, the competition runs for a duration of 1 week and we plan to run longer competitions so you can choose your preferred timeframe.

We can't share all of our roadmap secrets at this stage. Even the best laid out plans change. This means we're open to user and customer feedback and plan to deliver the features most wanted by you!

Running a game like this can be very tricky and the devils usually in the detail. You can view the full Game Rules in the Terms and Conditions.

Yes, we do. Please click here to view

Have more questions? Feel free to contact us

Sydney, Australia
Brisbane, Australia

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