We know how much people love reading the fine print and those long winded legal clauses.

We’ve tried to make this easy to read, but its still longer than what we’d like, but its all there so you know we’re acting with transparency and good faith.

Please read the below and click here for full Terms and Conditions.

You acknowledge and agree that:

  1. This is a fantasy share trading game. There is no actual share trading,
  2. investing, purchasing, order queuing, matching, settlement, or other securities trading processes taking place in a live exchange by playing this game.
  3. Any information we supply is only in the context of the game and is for entertainment and educational purposes only. You should consider obtaining professional advice before making any financial decision. We are not a professional adviser and the information we supply should not be relied on to make real world financial decisions, is general in nature and isn’t financial advice.
  4. Real securities trading can involve the risk of substantial losses. Fantasy share trading does not completely account for that risk and before embarking on any actual trading program you should carefully consider whether it is suitable for you in light of your financial condition and ability to bear financial risks.
  5. The game does not necessarily correspond with the real world. For example, playing the game is not necessarily the same as trading on a live exchange, nor does it correspond with the trading requirements of the ASX market, or any other securities market or regulatory body, nor does it emulate all market conditions. Your success or otherwise in the game is not necessarily an indication of how you would fare in the real world.
  6. While we may reference shares or trading strategies in the game that have a real-world counterpart, for example trading BHP, you should not take those references as any indication of what to do in the real world. They are provided for simulation purposes only in the context of the game.
  7. While we may use investing terminology in the game and elsewhere such as ‘trading’, ‘stock’, ‘investing’, ‘purchasing’, these are only references to actions that may be taken in the game and should not be confused with real world actions. We make no recommendations or give any opinions about financial products or services in the real world.

Disclaimer: The information provided on our website and the app is general in nature and is solely for entertainment and educational purposes within the context of the FinTip game. It does not constitute general or personal financial advice and we are not licensed or authorised to provide such advice. Remember the value of any investment can go down as well as up. Before deciding to make investments or dispose of financial products, you should consider seeking independent financial advice that is tailored to your needs.